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    Welcome to our News Section. We will update the page during the NRW Trophy with news and pictures as fast as possible.

    Alexander Majorov skating to the gold

    06.12.10 23:26

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Alexander Majorov who claimed gold.

    Press Releases

    06.12.10 22:26

    Please have a look at the Press Section where you can find press realeases about the NRW Trophy 2010.

    Result Senior Men after Free Skating

    05.12.10 20:26

    1. Alexander Majorov

    SWE 189,80
    2. Ivan Tretyakov

    RUS 189,69
    3. Pavel Kaska

    CZE 185,88

    4. Samuel Contesti

    5. Jorik Hendrickx

    6. Kensuke Nakaniwa


    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Sarah Hecken happy about the silver

    05.12.10 19:58

    Shoko Ishikawa of Japan claimed the gold medal in the Ladies event Sunday at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund. Sarah Hecken of Germany earned the silver and Yretha Silete of France took the bronze.
    Once she had the jumps under her belt, Shoko Ishikawa impresses the crowd with great technical skills and an elegant skate. The young japanese lady picked up 92,26 points and totaled 146,96 points to remain in first place. Sarah Hecken`s powerful routine featured 5 triple and 2 double jumps as well as beautiful spins. She collected 142.18 points overall and moved up from fourth to earnt the silver medal. Yrethe Silete moved up from 11th to 3rd with a strong Free Skating. She scored 92.67 points and accumulated 135.36 points overall.

    1. Shoko ISHIKAWA

    JPN 146.59
    2. Sarah HECKEN

    GER 142.18
    3. Yretha Silete

    FRA 135,36

    4. Linnea MELLGREN

    SWE 135.30
    5. Candice DIDIER

    FRA 133,16
    6. Alice GARLISI

    ITA 132,69

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Free Skating Shoko Ishikawa JPN

    05.12.10 18:05

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Gold medal winner Shoko Ishikawa

    Free Skating Sarah Hecken GER

    05.12.10 18:00

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Sarah Hecken who claims the silver

    Stefanie Berton/Ondrej Hotarek strikes the gold

    05.12.10 16:48

    Enjoy Stefanie Berton-Ondrej Hotarek skating to the gold.

    Katharina Gierok/Florian Just

    05.12.10 16,48

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Katharina Gierok/Florian Just who claimed the silver

    Result Senior Ladies after Free Skating

    05.12.10 16:08

    1. Shoko Ishikawa JPN 146,59
    2. Sarah Hecken GER 142,18
    3. Yretha SILETE FRA 135,36

    Result Page

    Majorov eclipes Contesti

    05.12.10 13:45

    Swedens Alexander Majorov took the lead in the Mens Short Programm ahead of Ivan Tretyakov of Russia and Samuel Contesti of Italy.
    The swedish skater gave an entertaining performance to music from "Austin Powers" and produced a triple lutz-triple toe combination, a triple axel and a triple Flip. His routine featured level three and four spins and he scored 68,21 points.
    Russia`s Ivan Tretyakov turned in an smooth performance that included a triple lutz-triple toe combination, a triple Axel, triple flip and two level four spins. He earned 64,12 points.
    Italy`s Samuel Contesti put out an extraordinary performance and drew huge applause. But he struggled with some jumps in his routine abd scored 62,68 points.

    1. Alexander Majorov

    SWE 68,21
    2. Ivan Tretyakov

    RUS 64,12
    3. Samuel Contesti

    ITA 62,68

    4. Alexander Nikolaev

    GER 50,16
    5. Pavel Kaska

    CZE 61.01
    6. Kensuke Nakaniwa

    JPN 59.39

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Smile Smile Happy Happy Hopp Hopp

    05.12.10 12:45

    Stefanie Berton/Ondrej Hotarek of Italy won the Senior Pair's title at NRW Trophy Saturday in Dortmund. Katharina Gierok/Florian Just (GER) took the silver medal and Adeline Canac/Yannick Bonheur of France claimed the bronze.
    Overnight leader Stefanie Berton/Ondrej Hotarek put out technically demanding performance that featured a triple-double-double toe combination and a level four flying change foot combination. Moreover they completed a level for combination spin and as well a level four lasso lift and earned 153,91 points overall
    "Smile Smile Happy Happy Hopp Hopp!" the homecrowd shouted when Katharina Gierok/Florian Just of Dortmund entered the frozen floor. And the couple, who only teamed up 6 months ago, did have a reason to smile. Their routine included a double salchow double-double toe combination, a triple toe, a throw double flip and throw triple salchow. Moreover the completed level three and four spins and a level four lasso lift. To the delight of the homecrowd theys scored 88,89 and accumulated 132.27 points to earn the silver medal. "The audience cheered for us and that helped us a lot." commented Katharina.
    Adeline Canac/Xanick Bonheur of France moved up from fourth to earn the bronze. The reeled up a double lutz twist lift and difficult lifts. The second german couple Mari Vartmann/Aaron Van Cleave impressed the audience with two beautiful level four spins. The german couple picked up 76,21 points and moved up from fifth to fourth at 116.48 points overall,

    Result Free Skating Senior Pairs

    05.12.10 21:51h

    1. Stefanie Berton/Ondrej Hotarek

    ITA 153,91
    2.Katharina Gierok/Florian Just

    GER 132,27
    3. Adeline Canac / Yannick Bonheur

    FRA 123.64

    4. Mari Vartmann/Aaron van Cleave

    GER 116,48
    Victory Ceremony

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Result Short Program Senior Man

    05.12.10 19:12h

    1.Alexander MAJOROV SWE 68.21
    2. Ivan TRETYAKOV RUS 64.12
    3. Samuel CONTESTI ITA 62.68

    Shoko Ishikawa grabs the lead

    05.12.10 17:47h

    Shoko Ishikawa of Japan grabbed the lead in th ladies short. Linnea Mellgren of Sweden and Elena Glebova (EST) came in second and third. Germany`s Sarah Hecken is currently ranked fourth.
    Shoko Ishikawa delivered a clean performance which was highlighted by a triple toe-triple toe combination and fast spins. Her beautiful routine was rewarded with 54,33 points. The young swedish lady Linnea Mellgren put out a strong performance and hit a triple toe-double toe combination, a triple flip and three level four spins. Mellgren earned 50,91 points. Glebova`s program to "Sex and the City" inlcuded a trible-triple toeloop combination, a triple Salchow and a triple Salchow. She collected 50,45 points. Germany`s Sarah Hecken lies in the waiting line. Her program included a triple toe-double toe combination, triple salchow and a double Axel and a level spin. Hecken impressed with excellent skating skills and a fluent glide and scored 50,16 points.

    1. Shoko Ishikawa

    JPN 54,33.JPG
    2. Linnea MELLGREN

    SWE 50,91
    3. Elena Glebova

    EST 50,45

    4. Sarah Hecken

    GER 50,16
    5. Alice Garlisi

    ITA 45,45
    6. Candice Didier

    FRA 44,77.JPG

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Result Senior Ladies after Free Skating

    05.12.10 16:00h

    1. Shoko ISHIKAWA JPN 54,33
    2. Linnea MELLGREN SWE 50,91
    3. Elena Glebova EST 50,45
    4. Sarah Hecken GER 50,16

    Employee of the day

    05.12.10 15:08h

    Dr. Stefan Steinmetz

    NRW Trophy in the News

    04.12.10 23:04h

    Please find herunder an article about the NRW Trophy 2010. If you are not able to open the word document we also have the article as pdf.

    Paul Fentz performs his Free Skating

    03.12.10 23:04h

    Enjoy the Free Skating of gold medal winner Paul Fentz of Germany

    Timila Shresta claims the silver

    03.12.10 22:57h

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Timila Shresta who claimed the silver medal

    Jessica Füssinger earns the bronze

    03.12.10 22:57h

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Jessica Füssinger who earned the bronze

    Victory Ceremony Junior Men

    Paul Fentz strikes gold

    03.12.10 22:44h

    Paul Fentz of Germany skated to victory in the Junior Men event Friday at NRW Trophy followed by wo finish skaters; Viktor Zubik claimed the silver and Mathias Versluis earned the bronze.
    Overnight leader Paul Fentz put out an energetic performance and picked up 153,78 points overall. "It was a difficult competition for me. I was`n`t in a really good shape in the run-up to the competition but anyway I had good expetations. It was my goal to give my best and I think I can be confident with myself. I did some minor mistakes and I'll just keep on working on the quality but I`m pleased for today" the young skater said.
    Viktor Zubik originally comes from Estonia and competes for Finland in the second season. He turned in a strong performance which was highlighted by different triple jumps. He totaled 147,43 points and said "I like the place, I like the ice here, it`s a good competition for me." His coach Rennik Liivo added "I`m confident with Viktor`s performance and think he delivered a really good interpretation of the music. It`s the third year I`m in Dortmund as a coach and I like the competition."
    His Short Program had left Matthias Versluis in 9th place, but the young skater rallied back with a strong Free Skate and earned the bronze with 136,31 points overall. "Matthias produced stable jumps today, I`m quite satisfied about them. I think we have to work on the spins, he needs more speed to do better. But his presentation was really good," his coach commented. Matthias added "My Free Skating was really good, probably the best I`ve ever done. I touched the ice with hands one time and my spins could be better. But I`m happy about my jumps and quite satisfied overall."

    1. Paul Fentz

    GER 153,78
    2. Viktor Zubik

    FIN 147,43
    3. Matthias Versluis

    FIN 136,31

    4. Sergey Alekseev

    RUS 133,63
    5.Julian Lagus

    FIN 132,60
    6. Filippo Ambrosini

    ITA 131,89

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Short Program GER

    03.12.10 19:57h

    Enjoy the short programm of Katharina Gierok/Florian Just currently ranked 2nd:

    Short Program Stefanie Berton - Ondrej Hotarek ITA

    03.12.10 19:17h

    Enjoy the Short Program of Stefanie Berton - Ondrej Hotarek currently ranked 1st

    Former coach of the German National Team Peter Meyer

    Florian and Katharina lie in the waiting line

    03.12.10 18:04h

    Italy`s Stefanie Berton/Ondrej Hotarek lead after the Pairs Short Program on Friday. Germany`s Katharina Gierok/Florian Just and Melodie Chantaigner/Medhi Bouzzine of France follow in second and third. The second second german couple Mari Vartmann/Aaron van Cleave are currently ranked fourth.
    The italian couple put out a strong performance and collected 55,17 points. Katharina Gierok/Florian Just delivered a solid program and pickd up 43,48 points. Germany`s Mari Vartman/ Aaron van Cleave, who only teamed up five months ago, showed a beautiful and almost clean program.

    "Im satisfied with the performance of both couples. Katharina and Florian delivered a solid program. It`s a pitty that Katharina fell at the triple toeloop. But they are currently ranked second and showed a much better performance level than in their other competitions this seasons. Mari and Aaron are in my opinion underated. Aaron doubled the triple toeloop but apart from that they produced a fluid program with good elements and without big mistakes" commented their coach Knut Schubert.
    "We are happy for today with what we did and we did our job that we came here to do. I had a lot of fun skating and am satisfied with our program. We still can achieve a better grade of execution on our elements and achieve a higher score. It was great to go out in front of a home crowd, the supported us really good!" Katharina added and Florian said "I`m just really happy with everything and liked the poster made by our fans of Dortmund."

    See the result page

    1. Berton/Hotarek

    55,17 ITA
    2. Gierok/Just

    GER 43,38
    3. Chataigner/Bouzine

    FRA 41.32

    4. Canac/Bonheur

    FRA 40.65
    5. Vartman/Van Cleave

    GER 40,27

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    Vicotry Ceremony Junior Ladies

    Timila Shresta happy at Dortmund

    03.12.10 17:24h

    Russia's Aleksandra Deeva skated to victory in the Junior Ladies event Friday at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund. Timila Shresta (FIN) claimed the silver and Germany`s Jessica Füssinger captured the bronze medal.
    Overnight leader Aleksandra Deeva put out a solid program and recieved 128,96 points overall. The young finish lady Timila Shresta could repeat her result of the last year and racked up a total of 119,84 points. "I`am happy about the silver medal", Timila commented. Her coach added "Today's performance was much better than at the last competition. Timila`s elements went well apart from a fail in the second double toeloop. Dortmund seems to be a good place for Timila."
    To the delight of the homecrowd Jessica Füssinger moved up from eight to win the bronze with a strong Free Skating. Overall she pocketed 111,72 points. "It was a great day for me. I didn't give my best performance in the short program. In the free program I did pretty much everything I can do at this point. I'm very happy about the two landed triple Salchows", Jessica noted.
    Jessica Füssinger is followed by three other german girls. Anna Baumgärtel, Angelika Dubinski and Luisa Weber came in fourth, fift and sixth. "I'm quite satisfied with my free skating as it was much better as my short program yesterday. My Program was clean and i landed two double Axels and a triple toeloop. And I did a good triple Salchow. That was a huge easement, because it didn`t worked so well in the practice. But today I got it and moved up from 14th to 4th!" Anna Baumgärtel commented. Her coach Martha Albrecht added that Anna achieved the norm for the national cadre.

    1. Deeva Aleksandra

    RUS 128.96
    2. Timila Shresta

    FIN 119.84
    3. Jessica Füssinger

    GER 111.72

    4. Anna Baumgärtel

    GER 106.67
    5. Angelika Dubinski

    GER 106.63
    6. Luisa Weber

    GER 106.42

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Kaczmarek

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Rechziegler

    Short Program Paul Fentz

    03.12.10 14:24h

    Enjoy the Short Program of Overnight Leader Paul Fentz:

    Victory Ceremony Advanced Novcie Boys

    Employee of the day

    03.12.10 13:21h

    Employee of the day, Mrs. Kirsten Tillmann


    1. Rachel EPSTEIN / Dmitry EPSTEIN NED 52.09

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Rechziegler

    Paul Fentz takes Junior Men`s Short

    01.12.10 23:15h

    Paul Fentz of Germany lead after the Junior Men Short Program on Thursday at the NRW Trophy in Moscow. Russia`s Sergey Alekseev and Viktor Zubik of Finland follow in second and third. Fentz hit two triple-triple jump combinations and scored 52.48 points. Alekseev`s playful program featured triple-jump combinations as well, but he garnered low leves for his spins. The russian competitor picked up 52.21 points. Viktor Zubik gave a solid performance and earned 49.17 points.
    Niko Ulanovsky from Germany is the youngest competitor in the well-staffed competition and s sitting in 7th at 45.21 points.

    1. Paul Fentz

    GER 52.48
    2. Sergey Alekseev

    RUS 52.21
    3. Viktor Zubik

    FIN 49.17

    4. Julian Lagus

    FIN 47.32
    4. Filippo Ambrosini

    ITA 47.18
    7. Niko Ulanowsky

    GER 45.21

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Rechziegler

    Employee of the day

    02.12.10 23:10h

    Employee of the day, Mr. Andreas Betke

    Result Page

    Aleksandra Deeva captures Ladie`s short

    02.12.10 18:15h

    Aleksandra Deeva of Russia ( captured the Ladies' Short Program with Timila Shrestha (FIN) and Luisa Weber (GER)following in second and third. Please find all results here.

    1. Aleksandra Deeva

    RUS 44,41
    2. Timila Shresta

    FIN 42,58
    3. Luisa Weber

    GER 39,53.JPG


    4. Anne Zetsche

    GER 38,12
    5. Andrina Sigron

    SUI 37,86
    6. Angelika Dubinski

    GER 37,10


    Alexander Samarin claims gold

    02.12.10 14:25h

    Alexander Samarin of Russia eclipsed his fellow countryman Dimitriy Mikhaylov to win the gold at NRW Trophy 2010. The bronze went to Nicola Todeschini.

    1. Alexander Samarin

    RUS 113, 83
    2. Dimitriy Mikhalov

    RUS 110,99
    3. Nicola Todeschini

    SUI 82,07


    4. Ivan Pavlov

    UKR 81,00 99
    5. Deividas Kizala

    LTU 78,81
    6. Giulio Preti

    ITA 76,02

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Rechziegler

    Result Page

    1. Rachel EPSTEIN / Dmitry EPSTEIN NED Junior Pairs

    Nicola Todeschini earns the silver medal

    02.12.10 14:00h

    Enjoy the Free Skating of Nicola Todeschini who earned the silver in the category Advanced Novice Boys

    Alexander Samarin strikes the gold

    02.12.10 13:50h

    Enjoy the performance of Alexander Samarin who struck gold in the category Advanced Novice Boys

    Victory Ceremony Advanced Novice Girls

    Result Advanced Novice Girls

    02.12.10 13:45h

    1. N. Fartushina

    RUS 96.22
    2. Agata Krygier

    POL 95.06
    3. Aleksandra Golovkina

    LTU 91.47


    4. Giada Russo

    ITA 87.99
    5. A. Cernuschi

    ITA 84.77
    6. Vivienne Schott

    GER 83.41

    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Rechziegler

    Result Page

    Natalya Fartushina claimed the gold

    01.12.10 22:29h

    Enjoy the performance of Natalya Fartushina who claimed the gold

    Aleksandra Golovkina took the bronze

    01.12.10 22:27h

    Enjoy Aleksandra Golovkina skating to the bronze medal:

    Natalya Fartushina strikes the gold

    01.12.10 20:57h

    Natalya Fartushina of Russia claimed the gold medal in the world class Advanced Novice event Wednesday at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund. Agata Kryger of Poland earned the silver and Aleksandra Golokvina of Lithunia took the bronze.

    Fartushina gave an courageous performance that was highlighted by two triple loops and intricate footwork. The young russian lady pocketed 54,80 points for the Free Skating and racked up 96,22 points overall. Agata Krygier moved up from 4th to win the silver. The young polish lady seems to have nerves of steel. Her flight to Dortmund was canceled three times and she arrived at Dortmund 2 minutes before she had to present her short programm. But she attested fighting spirit and came in 4th after the short programm. With a little less of trouble she presented herself even better in the Free Skating and collected 60.82 points. She landed two triple jumps and claimed the silver. Aleksandra Golokvina of Lithunia turned in a clean programm and delivered solid jumps. The best german competitor was Vivienne Schott from NRW who came in sixth.

    Result Basic Pairs

    01.12.10 18:25h

    1. Greta LUPATELLI / Paolo MASTRANGELO ITA 22.29

    Technical Problems with the videos

    01.12.10 18:15h

    Due to technical problems we are not able to upload the short programm videos of the category Advanced Novice Girls as fast as we used to do. We totally regret this delay and hope to solve the problem as soon as possible.

    Dariia Gozhva Free Skating

    01.12.10 17:05h

    Enjoy Dariia Gozhva skating to the victory.

    Enjoy Marie-Clair Trojan skating to the silver medal:

    Fiona Meissgen Free Skating

    01.12.10 17:00h

    Enjoy Fiona Meissgen skating to the bronze:

    Result Basic Novice Girls

    02.12.10 15:02h

    1. Dariia Gozhva

    UKR 31.41
    2. Mari-Clair Trojan

    GER 27.38
    3. Fiona Meisgen

    GER 25.69


    To view the pictures in full size, please click on the image. © Rechziegler

    Marie-Clair Trojan earned the silver

    01.12.10 16:13h

    The Medals in the category Basic Novice Girls are assigned. Dariia Gozhva (UKR) scored 31,41 points and came in first. She put out technical ambitious performance and sparkled on the ice with excellent jumps and left the other competitors far behind. She even tried a double Axel. Mari-Clair Trojan from Dortmund was rewarded with the silver medal for her amazing performance. She nailed a double loop but failed the Flip. Overall she produced a solid performance with beautiful spins and scored 27,38 points. "I 'm second, and that is extraordinary. I`m satisfied with my result because it was the first free skating at a competition this season" the eleven year old youg lady commented. Mari-Clair is followed by a second german participant: Fiona Meisgen earned the bronze with 25,69 points

    Natalya Fartushina grabbed the lead

    01.12.10 15:20h

    In the category Novice Girls the foreign competitors left the german participants behind. Natalya Fartushina (RUS) grabbed the lead with 41,42 points. She putput out an excellent performance highlighted by two different triple jumps. Aleksandra Golovkina (LTU) scored 38,82 points and ist currently ranked 2nd followed by the italian Giada Russo with 35,77 points.
    Vivienne Schott from Germany delivered a solid program but but she made an error on the double Axel. She earned 31.07 points and is currently ranked 7th. Elena Lippmann is currently ranked 24 with 26,05 points.

    NRW Trophy 2010 - Preview

    26.11.10 15:20h

    NRW Trophy 2010 for Single and Pair Skating starts next Thursday. About 260 skaters/couples from 30 nations have been entered for the copetition. As always, we want to ensure to produce a competition that is exciting to the fans and fair to the participants.

    In the Men's event, Samuel Contesti (ITA) who placed fourth at the world championships and Kevin van der Perren (BEL) european silver medalist both have a good chance to earn th gold. Other competitors include Denis Ten (KAS) and Adrian Schultheiss (SWE).

    Sarah Meier (SUI), european silver medalist of the year 2007 and 2008, leads the Ladies competition . She'll meet Viktoria Helgessen (SWE) and the german champion Sarah Hecken. Other competitors include british champion Jenna MC Corkell and Elena Glebova (EST). Isabel Drescher from Germany returns back to her long-time trainings base and is looking forward to challenge the international competition.

    Isabel Drescher

    In the Senior Pair Skating event, Maylin Hausch / Daniel Wende (GER) will meet the belorussian champions Lubov Bakirova/Mikalai Kamianchuk. To young couples of Dortmund want to challenge the French team and are hoping for a podium finish here in Dortmund: Katharina Gierok/Florian Just and Mari-Doris Vartman/Aarvon van Cleave are competing in their second international competition.

    As well the categories Junior and Novice will offer exciting competition. The category junior men includes three participants of Dortmund with Alexander Betke, Nico Ulanovski and Tim Dieck .
    In the category Junior Ladies 7 participants of NRW are competing and in the category basic novice Mari Trojan and Katharina Frieben are looking forward to challenge the international competition.

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    December 5th 2010

    Dear skating friends,

    We`re glad to welcome you to the last day of NRW Trophy 2010. We hope you will enjoy your day at the ice rink!

    Your OC Team

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